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"I loved this novel. It is an amazing story about Tria and her closest friends Rook and Wick. The characters come to life and imprint themselves on your brain. You can't help but fall in love with the trio as they explore their world and try to stake their claim on it. This first volume can absolutely stand alone, but is also a beautiful prelude to the second book. This is more amazingly colorful language from Winch, and I couldn't have asked for more."

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I have fallen madly in love with Tria. Winch writes such an amazingly touching story about a day in the life of a very broken young woman. Winch beautifully balances the gruff Detroit voice with the anxiety and insecurity of an adolescent girl. He dives deep into the inner workings of Tria allowing us to see her true, honest voice as she balances love, loss, and life with her two friends Wick and Rook. She is such an incredible girl that I couldn't help but love her immediately. The writing in this is excellent; it is entertaining and enlightening at once. You can read this book [Junk Like That, Part 1] alone (the ending of it is satisfying on its own) or pair it with the second part.

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"Some people really know how to tell a story, and Winch certainly has that gift. You do not need to be from the Midwest, or have grown up in the 70's, to appreciate Winch's writing - it is raw and heartfelt. I read the zines, and was stoked to see [Kalamazoo] in book form... there are two others now, and I cannot wait to read them!"

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"In this second part of "Junk Like That", we continue on with Tria as she endures a day of school. With Rook and Wick, she tortures teachers, protecst friends, and try to learn a little bit about her self. She is a character that has stuck with me, and I'm still thinking about sweet Tria. These kids force you to care about them and want to help them. You want to shout "don't do that!!!" while offering them a stable home and good food. While the whole novel is filled with the harsh reality facing adolescents, the ending somehow has hope. Winch's writing is once more beautiful to read, and his descriptions of the experiences around the trio of friends pulls me right into their world. An incredible novel."

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"If you grew up in the midwest you have to read [Kalamazoo]. If you grew up a little on the wild side you have to read this. If you're from Michigan, if you love rock and roll, if you're still somewhat wishing you were young and both confused and so sure of yourself and having the whole world at your naive fingertips, you have to read this. It's actually really thoughtful and taps really deeply into the human experience, the emotions (or lack thereof) of a young boy, even some good insight on racial issues and family life and how we're supposed to treat each other as decent people. As other reviewers have said, you feel like you're right there with Winch, remembering what it was like to live so crazy and young yourself, once. Crack a beer, crack open the book, lay back in a hammock and have a good read."

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"So this is the waxing nostalgia of adolescent boyhood in Kalamazoo. Stupid stunts, drugs/booze, girls. The writing is kind of redneck with a lot of boner talk, getting into fights, trying to cop a feel. I was strangely fascinated by it. Apparently, there is a part two to it, I want it. It’s not really romanticized and it’s not a bummer, it’s just a story. It’s good." 

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